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Monday, June 18, 2012

Jennifer Garland aka Jennifer Simms: Philanthropist?

June 18, 2012 Update: I have had plenty of complaints about Jennifer's schemes with her fiance, con man Robert Kramarz. Kramarz sells himself as an angel financer, even though he hasn't got a dime (Robert filed for bankruptcy in 2003) and also claims to own 20 some odd patents.  There isn't a single patent in his name.

Jennifer has taken to using the name "Simms" now that "Garland" has been exposed and she is found here by anybody who does any sort of research on her.

Garland/Simms and Kramarz are now operating out of a home in Encinitas, CA, running multi-level marketing schemes. Jennifer's pseudo charitable organization, The Mighty Buccaneers, has now become, after that scam was exposed here.

A couple of years ago, Jennifer was ordered off the Caribbean island of Anguilla, where she was running real estate schemes.  Jennifer was selling property that she did not own, but gladly took down payments. She continues to shamelessly parade her children Lexie and Charlie as the faces of her cons and tells anybody who will listen that her children will be millionaires before they are 18.  In the meantime, both Jennifer and Robert drive old, beat-up cars.

August 1, 2010 Update: Since I first posted this blog entry, The Mighty Buccaneers website has been taken down (big shock). You may now view the promotional video by clicking here. Also, some website touting "Journey of Amazing Women" also promotes Jennifer's now apparently failed scheme.

May 4, 2010: I've been receiving more than a few inquiries about Jennifer Garland: Harold's on-again, off-again girlfriend and one third of the Harold, Jennifer, Robert Kramarz love triangle. More recently, another one of her purported philanthropy projects, The Mighty Buccaneers, has been brought to my attention. In this scheme, she adds her children to the mix in a very cute video designed to sell you on a campaign to have the three of them sail around the world providing relief to children and families in need. Supposedly, her son came up with the idea as a way for his Mom to acquire a yacht. A link provides the viewer to make regular contributions through PayPal, however, at the time of this writing, no assurance of tax deductibility is provided. Furthermore, there is no claim of accomplishments by these Mighty Buccaneers nor their qualifications enabling them to do good. They do identify a Dr. Ali Tahiri as the PR (whatever that is) and Chairman for Global Fundraising and Humanitarian Relief, and while Dr. Tahiri does claim to have some expertise in the humanitarian business, it is difficult to nail down any significant accomplishments. He does seem to have his name attached to a lot of mostly self produced publicity.

So out of interest, I clicked on the donate page which led me to a form and a default donation amount of $50. I changed the "50" to a "1" and clicked on the box which promised to add my name to the "Donor Wall". I was then forwarded to a PayPal page on which I dutifully entered my Password and completed the $1 donation. Back at the Buccaneer website, I clicked on the donor wall and my donation was nowhere to be seen. Neither was anybody else's. In fact, the wall claims to have received $0 to date. Well I know for a fact that it has received at least $1.

Much like Pure Heart and other purported do-gooder operations that Jennifer is behind, The Mighty Buccaneers does not have non-profit status
, or any other sort of registration. So is Jennifer Garland the great philanthropist she claims to be? Maybe that is her intention, but it is not without self-benefit. Jennifer lives with her children (and at last report with Harold) in a beach house in Encinitas, CA owned by a family trust controlled by Robert Kramarz' mother. Assets in Jennifer's name are hard to find. Her Pure Heart Foundation project names Harold Gregg as General Counsel and that can only mean trouble. It would be difficult to believe then that The Mighty Buccaneers or any of her other philanthropy projects have any more integrity.

I believe that I've figured out what the Pure Heart angle is and I'll talk about that on my next blog entry, but unless The Mighty Buccaneers is about funding Jennifer's lifestyle $50 at a time, I'm not sure what the scheme is here.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Harold Gets Gets Into Bed With Ted Saltzman

Nobody was ever going to accuse Harold of being able to find the cure for cancer. As Michael Osborn's favorite sidekick/lackey he depended on Mike's kindness for any scraps tossed to him while Michael and later Shanney pocketed millions from their cons. But alas, Mike is in jail now and even though Shanney is trying to execute his schemes without him, Harold is left out in the cold. What to do? What to do?

Well it seems that Harold has found a new mentor/benefactor in seasoned Los Angeles con man and fraud artist, Ted Saltzman. Saltzman, who has screwed all kinds of people out of their money and bounced many a check, has now hooked up with Harold in order to try and sell him as a seasoned attorney and offer legitimacy to his schemes. Yes, just like Osborn did. Of course Harold is no more an attorney now than he was then.

The boys' newest con has them looking for someone to buy several billion dollars worth of gold bullion in a transaction which is to be executed through their purported private placement business. As well claiming Harold as his financial partner, Saltzman identifies his partner-in-crime as an attorney for the Bank of Jerusalem, Lehman Brothers (aren't they out of business) and Stuart Greenberg, Inc. Saltzman boasts of their ability to raise capital and claims that they have funded dozens of companies and projects. Saltzman also claims that he and Harold own all kinds of natural resource rich properties. Really? At his last judgment debtor exam, Harold claimed to be living out of his car and relying on the kindness of friends and the government for food. Finally, in another pathetic attempt to legitimize their con, the boys fraudulently invoke the name of Los Angeles investor Glen Golenberg as a participant. Mr. Golenberg, who has a strong reputation in these parts, was horrified to learn of this attempt to put his face on the cover of a con and I believe that he has no involvement with these crooks.

There will be more in the coming days as I publish a new website dedicated entirely to Ted.

You've had a bad day Ted. I found you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nice Try Steve Tangherlini!

You would think that after exposing Harold on this website/blog, none of his cohorts would think to try something stupid with me. Wrong!

Today, I received an email from some guy named Leonard Cambilargiu, who writes:

Mr George Sharp:

Pertaining to your email in a blog related to the site below:

I represent Mr Steven Tangherlini, whose name appears in the site above. In the site above, my client is named as a possible associate of Harold Gregg. Steven Tangherlini has requested that his name be removed from that posting for at least 3 reasons:

1. There is no evidence that Mr Steven Tangherlini is associated in any way, with anyone in that list, or Harold Gregg; and

2. There is no evidence that Mr Steven Tangherlini is associated with any organization or holding listed on that page; and

3. Mr Steven Tangherlini has not authorized anyone to publish his name in association with any organization what-so-ever.

Furthermore, Mr Steven Tangherlini has adamantly denied association with anyone or any organization named in the above site.

I applaud you in your quest to inform the public about Harold Gregg and his notorious con schemes; if only there where more honorable people like yourself who believes in taking action against injustices in the world, the world would certainly be a better place. As an honorable individual, I believe you understand my clients interest in defending his good name.

I respectfully request that you remove my clients name from the above referenced site immediately. If you have any evidence you would like to present that may supports my client's associations with the aforementioned individuals or organizations as mentioned in your site, I would be more than happy to examine and give such evidence due process.


Leonard Cambilargiu
Now I know bullshit when I see it. First of all, Leonard says he is representing Steve Tangherlini. As what? His janitor? At no time does Leonard state that he is an attorney, nor does his signature block. Furthermore, Leonard uses a GMail email address. What attorney doesn't have his own website/email domain? Finally, the Martindale-Hubbell Attorney Locator does not list an attorney named Leonard Cambilargiu anywhere in the United States. While Mr. Cambilargiu would have me believe otherwise, he is no more an attorney than Harold Gregg is.

I responded to Leonard politely, resisting the urge to tell him to clean up his act, all the while standing behind the content in my website/blog.

A note to Steve: Please assume that I am not an idiot. I have talked to several people who link you to Pureheart and your name is attached to Pureheart documents (including those that you have recently removed from the INTERNET but I have printed out). Therefore you are an associate of Harold.

Nice try!